Public Safety

Public Safety

Strengthen Community to Enhance Safety

When a person commits a crime and is booked into jail only to be released back onto the streets the same day -- sometimes to commit another crime -- we are shocked and disappointed. This is unacceptable. As your elected official, I will work tirelessly to find solutions for our community.

I would like to share a story with you. It’s about some North State residents who reached their tipping point, but by working together, they have taken back their neighborhood. This past summer two citizens organized the Wildwood Park Neighborhood Watch. Their neighbors had been experiencing criminal activity not only at their homes, but on their streets: cars were being vandalized or broken into, homes were being burglarized, and, while out on their daily walks, some residents had been harassed by trespassers.

The neighborhood watch organizers posted flyers door-to-door inviting their neighbors to the first meeting. Some 76 people attended, including Chief Paoletti, who spoke with the residents about criminal activities and preventive measures. From that meeting and subsequent meetings, they created a database to track all crimes and incidents in their neighborhood. They identified trouble areas, raised funds, and secured property owner permission to clear shrubbery where people were conducting illegal activities. And they worked with City departments, specifically Kim Niemer’s Community Services department, to address street light issues.

There is so much more to this story, but the point is this: Our Public Safety personnel are stretched thin due to funding cut backs and the AB109 prisoner realignment. As our economy improves we’ll be able to hire more police officers, but in the meantime, we must encourage and support neighborhood leaders by providing education, resources and best practices that can be used to make our neighborhoods safer places to raise our families and to retire.

I applaud the Wildwood Park Neighborhood Watch Program. It is a model that we all can learn from. I believe there are volunteers in our community who would step up to assist City leaders in creating and implementing similar programs. I believe in public-private partnerships. And I believe WE either succeed together or WE fail together.

There are other stories about local individuals and groups that have started to organize. With help from RPD, Sam Allen, a business woman in downtown Redding is responsible for cleaning up her section of the block on the north side of the Lorenz building. Ed Rullman and the Merchant’s Crime Watch group is another inspiring story.

Are you fed up? Do you have a friend, family member or business partner who has reached their tipping point? If your answer is “Yes” I ask you to stand up and organize. Just as the Wildwood Park Neighborhood Watch group has made a positive difference, your efforts will make a difference at your home or place of business. If you would like to organize your neighborhood, download and use the Stand Up Start Up Guide.

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Together, WE can make Redding a safe place to live and work.