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Campaign to elect Brent Weaver to Redding City Council Launches

Tim Rayl - Saturday, October 26, 2013

The campaign to elect Brent Weaver to the Redding City Council will be launched Friday, November 1 at 11:00 am at South City Park.

A homegrown success story

Brent owns and operates Weaver Lumber. He also built two high profile mixed-use projects in downtown Redding, revitalizing two underutilized blocks that were filled with blight. Through Brent’s strong, responsible leadership, Weaver Lumber has grown tremendously, with most of that growth occurring during the Great Recession. Both redevelopment projects downtown also were completed during the recession.

Ardent supporters

Though the election is a year away, the Weaver campaign has already received substantial support, with more than seventy endorsements, including: Missy McArthur, Leonard & Tracy Moty, Russ & Anne Petersen, Randy & Judy Smith, Don Gallino, John & Betty Fitzpatrick and Richard & Kathleen Downs.

The WE campaign

“Our elected officials must move beyond US versus THEM. Instead, they should be thinking in terms of WE,” says Weaver.

The Weaver campaign is built on five principles:

  1. WE value good governance and a spirit of civility
  2. WE promote fiscally conservative policies
  3. WE strengthen public safety
  4. WE invest in City Infrastructure
  5. WE create a vision for the next ten years and bring it to fruition

Brent has four young children. He runs multiple businesses. He coaches youth sports and leads a Boy Scout Troop. He serves on boards in our community. With such a full plate, why would Brent embrace the idea of politics and run for Redding City Council?

As a father, Brent feels there is nothing more important than to teach his children through his words as well as his actions. “I want my children to know that we can stand up and improve our community through public service,” says Weaver.

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